A sloppier 2020 goal blog- PRESENT

Yahoo! Another decade started and new goals to be made! This year’s word is “present” as I want to be more present, less worry-y, more aware of taking care of myself, and more alert while talking to others. Alas, it applies to running as well!

1. Get stronger! Follow Mitch’s lifting plan and get stronger and healthier. (so far, major fail ha!)

2. Run at least two workouts a month to keep engaging pain and working on mental fitness. (not a SUPER major fail, but not 100% success so far either)

3. Keep working on community and try to run with different people. Find new ways to encourage others and provide a positive presence to the running world.

4. Work on the little things I neglect like sleep, rolling out, nutrition, and positive self talk. Nurture my insides and outsides to be a healthier athlete.

5. Focus every day on the important things with running, such as becoming more aware of the self, growing, healthy competition, mental toughness, humility, gratitude, and grace, and focus less on comparison, anger, unhealthy competition, and pride.

I think Mitch and I have figured out a pretty good formula for how to get me fit, I think this is the year I have to ground myself and really evaluate the little things, the little conversations I have with myself, that I allow to keep me in a ugly place, an unhealthy place, or a stagnant place.

I felt like 2019 was a lot of shedding my youth and stepping into adulthood, holding on to the things from my childhood that I like about myself. 2020 is a start to stepping more fully into woman hood and being more open, a bit tougher, and laser focused. I want to be present with myself and I know that will help me be more successful. I want to be more in God’s presence and think about my faith as the first thought and not a nice addition to my mental game. I want to continue to build my confidence on a solid rock. I know I am a better racer doing this. I have rarely done well starting a race or an event in a place of panic. I execute from a place of peace and presence.

I am someone who always looks to the future, a super planner, a comparative fiend. I will never be perfect, but I hope to get better at being here, being centered, and being present in this amazing life.

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