Running is Hard

Running is hard.

Well yeah.

Anyway, it is the summer, which means the heat, humidity, and late allergies are here.  For those of us with a fall marathon on our plate, that means we are hitting that point (at least I am) where the grind has become less of a “yeah I feel cool and bad-a** and strong” and more “Good God, why is this happening I don’t wannaaaa”.

Running and life, they can be hard.

Ferris Bueler or however he spells it, makes a quote about how life is too short and fast yada yada look around.  It is everyone’s favorite senior quote and if it wasn’t a caption for an instagram pic, did you even childhood?  Anyhoo, when things are hard, it really is tough to look around and see everything.

I tell myself before races and workouts -okay you are going to look around and be grateful and notice everything.  Same with life  –  it is that allusion that I give myself, saying I am going to notice everything.  But life and running move fast, especially when it is hard.

A lot of my favorite memories from races or workouts, have been split seconds where I notice the things around me and it just sticks in my brain like glue.  Noticing the sunrise, cooling down with my husband, looking at the women I am running with and feeling grateful, the final turn before the finish.

Life and running are hard, and a lot of the times we are left with a supercut of memories, strung together by feelings of gratitude, love, and joy.  A lot of pain in there too, but mostly those other things.  Maybe that is why we keep signing up and keep showing up.

When things get hard, maybe it is about taking pressure off ourselves to make the whole experience wonderful, and just look forward to the flicker of a memory that we will take home.  It is like a race medal –  a small memento for the 1000 miles you ran + 26.2.  Sometimes I look at my medals and feel nothing really, just a slight bit of happiness, because these tokens can’t really capture the feeling I had that day.

I look at my wedding photos and kinda feel sad, because they don’t capture the intense feeling I had that day.  What captures it the best, is the flicker of a memory I have when I was walking down the aisle and saw Mitch.

Things don’t really show the suck or intense feelings or joy or whatever, that we experienced to get to where we are now.  It is a flicker of a memory, one that sustains us through the next mile, that we keep locked in our hearts when we need some encouragement.

Running is hard, and our races are coming.  But look around, maybe you are making flickers of memories right now.

Who knows, maybe you are making memories that will sustain you for the rest of your life.

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